Lost In You

Lost In You Author Serena Grey
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 312
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The concluding part of the Swanson Court Trilogy. One night. One love. One heart. One forever. What do you do when you take a leap of faith and don’t get what you expected? You move on. That is exactly what Rachel plans to do—put aside her heartbreak and concentrate on her work and the people she loves. But Landon is not easy to forget. When he reappears in her life, is he offering the perfect ending she wants more than anything or just another flirtation with heartbreak, pain, danger, and devastating loss?

Lost In You Sometimes Mr Wrong Is Really Mr Right

Lost In You  Sometimes Mr  Wrong Is Really Mr  Right Author Sandy Lo
ISBN-10 9781257182718
Release 2013-03-11
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Cooper Jackson is a twenty-five year old woman, who shuts down in relationships. Burdened by her mother's failed love life and her untimely death, Cooper won't allow her heart to get broken, or stolen, either. A chance meeting with a famous singer, Ryan Latham could change Cooper forever. She finds herself wanting to give her heart to Ryan...one problem: he's engaged. To divert her attention, Cooper throws herself into a relationship with Ryan's best friend, JT, a man just as unstable as she is. Lost In You is a coming of age love story for a slightly older generation; it's about finding yourself, overcoming your past, and building a future.

Lost In You

Lost In You Author Alix Rickloff
ISBN-10 1420104527
Release 2008
Pages 311
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Cornwall, 1815. Beyond the country balls and genteel society of regency England lies another realm - where passion and peril collide, and two lovers face an impossible choice.

Tell Me When

Tell Me When Author Stina Lindenblatt
ISBN-10 9781426897887
Release 2014-01-20
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Amber Scott should be enjoying life as a college freshman. She should be pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She should be working hard to make sense of her precalculus math class. She shouldn't be waking up her college roommate with screaming nightmares. She shouldn't be flashing back, reliving the three weeks of hell she barely survived last year. And she definitely shouldn't be spending time with sexy player Marcus Reid. But engineering student Marcus is the only one keeping Amber from failing her math course, so she grudgingly lets him into her life. She never expects the king of hookups will share his painful past. Or that she'll tell him her secrets in return, opening up and trusting him in a way she thought she'd never be able to again. When their fragile future together is threatened by a stalker Amber thought was locked away for good, Marcus is determined to protect her—and Amber is determined to protect Marcus…even if that means pushing him away. 85,000 words

Lost In You

Lost In You Author Jules Bennett
ISBN-10 9781420139136
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 352
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The only thing that could bring Liam Monroe back to Haven, Georgia, is his loyalty to his late sister--so he’s agreed to serve as a chef at the resort his brothers have built in her honor. But he’s not staying. At least that’s the plan. . . Macy Hayward always admired the Monroes. Adopting four kids—including the brooding, mysterious Liam—they were an example of the loving family she wanted for herself someday. Now, ironically, Macy’s got an unexpected new tenant in the apartment above her hardware store: none other than Liam. Most of Liam’s furniture consists of weightlifting equipment, since he has no intention of settling in. He can’t wait to run away again, from his brothers and his bitter memories—and from Macy, with her relentlessly seductive curves. Still, while he’s around, he should do the poor woman a favor and teach her to cook, before she poisons someone. . . Soon, their sessions in the kitchen are getting spicy. But Macy has roots in Haven, and she wants to plant more, including taking in a little girl who needs a home. Meanwhile, Liam has an opportunity for his own restaurant in Atlanta. Will choosing love mean giving up their separate dreams? Or will the heart find a way?. . . Praise for Jules Bennett and Wrapped in You “Another page turner—I couldn't put it down!” –LoriFoster New York Times bestselling author “A solid contemporary.” –Publishers Weekly

Lost In You

Lost In You Author Lorelei James
ISBN-10 9780988823587
Release 2014-12-06
Pages 50
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Animal attraction takes on a whole new meaning… Lacy Buchanan sets out to prove she’s a tough cookie by swapping the mean streets of Manhattan for the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming for a week-long survivalist hiking trip. The last thing she needed was to get lost, forcing her to spend the hike alone with surly, too-sexy mountain man, Becker, who blames her for their predicament. After Becker saves her from a rattlesnake and calms her fears, Lacy has a change of heart and feels lucky to be in his experienced hands. But Sam Becker isn’t really a hiking expert; he’s strictly the moneyman in Back To Nature Guided Hiking Tours and a last minute, temporary fill-in guide. He can’t believe his bad luck when his lag-behind charge—a mouthy, but hot, blonde bombshell—pulverizes their only compass, destroying their chances of following the coordinates to base camp. Yet something about Lacy makes him want uphold her ideal image that he’s her rugged hero and a man she can count on. As Sam and Lacy attempt to find a way out of the treacherous mountain passes, their natural instincts take them farther away from civilized behavior and straight into the mating calls of the wild. *previously published as Babe in the Woods, 2006 - now with a new epilogue!

Lost in You Found in Me

Lost in You  Found in Me Author Ivy Love
ISBN-10 9781365278167
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Lost in You Found in Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lost in You Found in Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lost in You Found in Me book for free.

Lost In You Forever and Ever 49

Lost In You  Forever and Ever  49 Author E. L. Todd
Pages 350
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After staying home with Cedric everyday, Skye knows it’s time to head back to work. But actually going back is more difficult than she realizes. Will she return to PIXEL? And if she doesn’t how will her father feel about that? Trinity and Slade have a gender reveal party and both are excited to learn the sex of the baby—except Slade. If he has a girl he’s not sure what he’s going to do. Conrad is happy with Lexie but he doesn’t see it going any further. Every time he thinks about proposing he chickens out. Will he ever be able to ask her the big question? Roland travels to Ireland to patch up things with Heath’s family. Will he be greeted warmly? Or will the door be slammed in his face?

Lost in You

Lost in You Author Sommer Marsden
ISBN-10 9780007579686
Release 2014-03-27
Pages 200
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Trapped inside a luxury mall during a violent storm, small town girl, Clover Brite, is thrust into the arms of international playboy Dorian Martin. Lightning strikes inside the building as well as outside...

Lost in You

Lost in You Author Heidi McLaughlin
ISBN-10 0989373800
Release 2013
Pages 338
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Does Ryan Stone, the less than average teenager, have a chance with Hadley Carter, America's Pop Princess? They each live in their own world until a chance encounter introduces Ryan to Hadley and alternating chapters relate how their lives changed. Will he be the one lucky fan looking for a way into her world, or will it be Hadley who pursues Ryan, even if it costs her the only career she's known?

Lost in You

Lost in You Author Jenika Snow
ISBN-10 1533243867
Release 2016-06-20
Pages 190
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She was his drug of choice, his addiction. He'd kill for her, die for her. Nerd would walk through hell just to prove he was crazy for her. She was his obsession, and no matter how much she denied him he'd make her see she was it for him. Nerd had never wanted anything for himself ... until she came along. Hannah was his everything whether she knew it or not. Nerd just needed to prove to her that underneath the bastard he was they'd be good together. *Exclusive novella, All or Nothin', will be included in Lost In You. This novella will feature short stories (a where are they now set-up) from the following Soldiers of Wrath characters: Demon & Deanna, Joker & Amy, Steel & Eloise, and Shakes & Daniella.

Lost In You

Lost In You Author Remmy Duchene
ISBN-10 9781786515650
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 115
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Lust is better together. Although Jackson Stark wanted to get into dancing full time, he promised his father and Uncle Darius Stark that he would go to university first. After fast-tracking through his program while auditioning for small roles, he gets a job working at Darius’ video game company as a game designer. When Jackson gets the chance to be the face of a men’s line, he sees it as something else to add to his resume. Then he meets his boss, Ko, and everything he’s heard about love turns out to be true—it’s a giant pain in the ass. Ko Takao never saw himself as a business mogul. After his father’s death, Ko inherits Hansamu, a clothing company that caters to the man who loves looking dashing. From handmade suits to loungewear, they are at the top of their game and Ko is looking to keep it that way by finding the perfect face to front the label. When Thaddeus suggests Jackson Stark, Ko can’t imagine it—then he lays eyes on the young stud again and all his reservations, along with his self-control, go right out of the window.

The Cowboy s Desires Lost In You

The Cowboy s Desires  Lost In You Author Rosalie E. Walton
ISBN-10 9781524241025
Release 2016-05-08
Pages 42
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The Cowboy's Desires: Lost In You (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) - Can be read as a Standalone book. Sophie is an up and coming singer and songwriter and she’s about to record her first full-length album. For the last four years, she’s been in Manhattan. She’s loved her time in NYC, but things are beginning to feel a bit stale. And it’s definitely affecting her creativity. That’s why her producer invites her to live and record at his ranch in Denver. This is the perfect opportunity! Exactly what’s she’s been waiting for! Everything seems right in her life. Yet there’s still something missing: Love. But her luck is about to change, much sooner and much more dramatically than she ever would have thought possible. Everything changes when she locks eyes with a blonde-haired, blue eye cowboy. There’s immediate chemistry between them. And when they finally get to spend time alone, there’s bound to be some wild, scratching, clawing, grunting, groaning, moaning, love making, well into the wee hours of the morning. Warning: *This story contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. *No cliffhangers here! Each book of An Alpha Billionaire Romance has a Happily-Ever-After ending. Each new book introduces new characters. *Please be aware that this is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full-length novel. Tag: romance erotica, contemporary romance, military romance novels, romance erotica books, billionaire romance novels, billionaire romance books, alpha billionaire, cowboy romance books, cowboy romance novels, cowboy romance

Lost in Me Found in You

Lost in Me  Found in You Author Ivy Love
ISBN-10 1535464135
Release 2016-07-25
Pages 252
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Isabella and Liz are best friends, each struggling, each with difficult decisions to make. One of them is dealing with an abusive husband, while the other relives the horrors of her past. Isabella has a quiet strength lingering beneath the surface ... she just needs someone to release it. Isabella's best friend, Liz, is wild, happy and carefree. She's suffered in the past and now she's looking out for her. Two best friends who support each other until the very end. The decisions they make will have the power to impact now only their lives, but the lives of those around them. Will they make it through their hearts in tact? Will they get their happily-ever-after? Or will they find themselves struggling to keep the life they know together?

You Can t Get Lost in Cape Town

You Can t Get Lost in Cape Town Author Zoë Wicomb
ISBN-10 1558612254
Release 1987
Pages 214
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The South African novel of identity that "deserves a wide audience on a par with Nadine Gordimer."

Lost in the Cosmos

Lost in the Cosmos Author Walker Percy
ISBN-10 9781453216347
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 256
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“A mock self-help book designed not to help but to provoke; a chapbook to inveigle us into thinking about who we are and how we got into this mess.” —Los Angeles Times Book ReviewPublished at the height of the 1980s self-help boom, Lost in the Cosmos is Percy’s unforgettable riff on the trend that swept the nation. Filled with quizzes, essays, short stories, and diagrams, Lost in the Cosmos is a laugh-out-loud spin on a familiar genre that also pushes readers to serious contemplation of life’s biggest questions. One part parody and two parts philosophy, Lost in the Cosmos is an enlightening guide to the dilemmas of human existence, and an unrivaled spin on self-help manuals by one of modern America’s greatest literary masters.

Breaking Wild

Breaking Wild Author Diane Les Becquets
ISBN-10 9780698411616
Release 2016-02-09
Pages 320
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In captivating prose, Diane Les Becquets tells the story of one woman missing in the Colorado wilderness and another bent on discovering the missing woman’s whereabouts, in an unforgettably moving and thrilling literary debut. It is the last weekend of the season for Amy Raye Latour to get away. Driven to spend days alone in the wilderness, Amy Raye, mother of two, is compelled by the quiet and the rush of nature. But this time, her venture into a remote area presents a different set of dangers than Amy Raye has planned for and she finds herself on the verge of the precarious edge that she’s flirted with her entire life. When Amy Raye doesn’t return to camp, ranger Pru Hathaway and her dog respond to the missing person’s call. After an unexpected snowfall and few leads, the operation turns into a search and recovery. Pru, though, is not resigned to that. The more she learns about the woman for whom she is searching, and about Amy Raye’s past, the more she suspects that Amy Raye might yet be alive. Pru’s own search becomes an obsession for a woman whose life is just as mysterious as the clues she has left behind. As the novel follows Amy Raye and Pru in alternating threads, Breaking Wild assumes the white-knuckled pace of a thriller laying bare Amy Raye’s ultimate reckoning with the secrets of her life, and Pru’s dogged pursuit of the woman who, against all odds, she believes she can find. From the Hardcover edition.