Hosea God s Redeeming Love

Hosea  God s Redeeming Love Author John Traylor
Release 1993
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Hosea God s Redeeming Love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hosea God s Redeeming Love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hosea God s Redeeming Love book for free.

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love Author Francine Rivers
ISBN-10 9781782640318
Release 2013
Pages 448
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Angel, sold into prostitution as a child, survives by keeping her hatred for men alive. Then she meets Michael Hosea who loves her unconditionally. Day by day, he defies Angel's every bitter expectation until, despite her resistance, her heart begins to thaw. But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. So Angel runs...


Hosea Author Lydia Brownback
ISBN-10 9781433548529
Release 2016-06-14
Pages 96
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The Knowing the Bible series is a resource designed to help Bible readers better understand and apply God’s Word. These 12-week studies lead participants through books of the Bible and are made up of four basic components: (1) reflection questions help readers engage the text at a deeper level; (2) “Gospel Glimpses” highlight the gospel of grace throughout the book; (3) “Whole-Bible Connections” show how any given passage connects to the Bible’s overarching story of redemption, culminating in Christ; and (4) “Theological Soundings” identify how historic orthodox doctrines are taught or reinforced throughout Scripture. With contributions from an array of influential pastors and church leaders, these gospel-centered studies will help Christians see and cherish the message of God’s grace on every page of the Bible. The story of Hosea and Gomer parallels the relationship between God and ancient Israel, helping readers understand the extent of God’s redeeming love for his people. This accessible study walks readers through the biographical and symbolic elements of the book of Hosea, revealing God’s desire to lovingly restore his people to a right relationship with him through Jesus Christ.


TwentySomeone Author Craig Dunham
ISBN-10 9780307552570
Release 2010-05-19
Pages 240
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Live Strategically The decade of your twenties is full of important, stressful, maddening questions: What will I do? Who will I love? Where will I live? But maybe there’s a bigger question: Who am I? The fact is, the period of time between your teens and thirties will shape a lot of your character, your calling, and your view of the world. Authors Craig Dunham and Doug Serven (recent graduates of their twenties) explain that the difference between a twentysomething and TwentySomeone has to do with the questions we ask. Instead of asking, “What will I do?” twentysomeones need to ask “Who am I?”–the real question of the twenties. Full of personal experience and practical wisdom, TwentySomeone helps you make the most of your twenties while giving you the skills to handle common life experiences like singlehood, first jobs, getting married, having kids, and buying stuff. This is a guidebook that will help you discover who God is calling you to be. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love Author Francine Rivers
ISBN-10 9781782640318
Release 2013
Pages 448
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Angel, sold into prostitution as a child, survives by keeping her hatred for men alive. Then she meets Michael Hosea who loves her unconditionally. Day by day, he defies Angel's every bitter expectation until, despite her resistance, her heart begins to thaw. But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. So Angel runs...

Fire Bible NIV Student

Fire Bible NIV Student Author Donald C. Stamps
ISBN-10 9781598565195
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 2294
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Throughout the Bible fire symbolizes God's presence, power, and works: during the Exodus God led the Israelites by day in a pillar of fire, while at Pentecost tongues of flame rested upon the heads of believers filled with the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, this divine fire is intended to kindle within us a passion for God and for doing his will. The FireBible's notes and commentary will show readers how the spiritual empowerment that began at Pentecost is available today, and is a gift to modern followers of Christ. This unique volume's detailed book introductions, notes, and other features will greatly benefit anyone interested in living the Christian life in the fullness of the Spirit.

The Door of Hope

The Door of Hope Author Clarence Sexton
ISBN-10 9781589816688
Release 2008-12-01
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The Lord has opened a door of hope for all those who by faith will enter in. May these timeless truths from the book of Hosea be used of God to strengthen you. Our hope is in the Lord!

Washed Clean and Virtuous

Washed Clean and Virtuous Author Jeanne Brooks
ISBN-10 9781512709391
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 150
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“For since the world began, no ear has heard, and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him!” (Isa. 64:4). It can be so hard to imagine that there is a God who can right wrongs, fix the broken, and love the unlovable, but there is. Since the beginning of time, God set a plan in motion to do all that and more. Time and time again, God has revealed His redeeming, loving nature to us. This redeeming love is weaved through the fabric of the lives of His people and can be discovered through His story in the Bible. Washed Clean and Virtuous: God’s Redeeming Love tells of the many times throughout the Bible that God called His lost, battered sheep back with Him while pouring His love upon them. There is no valley of darkness so deep or ocean of despair so wide that God cannot rescue us. There is nothing so bad that can be done to us or we can do that can separate us from this love. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9). You will find in these pages a love so faithful and long-lasting that it is able to wash you free from any shame or guilt that is currently keeping you from receiving His eternal promises.

Spiritual Warfare Bible NKJV

Spiritual Warfare Bible NKJV Author Charisma House
ISBN-10 9781616388225
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 2134
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The Spiritual Warfare Bible is designed to help you use the Bible to access the power of the Holy Spirit against demonic strongholds and activity. With engaging study materials from Christian leaders and best-selling authors, this Spiritual Warfare Bible is perfect for both individual study and small groups. Features include: Spiritual Warfare Declarations--More than 250 one-sentence declarations and prayers that affirm your determination to confront Satan with the Holy Spirit’s help Spiritual Warfare Basics--216 tips for effective spiritual warfare Lessons From God’s Warriors--Character profiles of Old and New Testament people who were equipped and anointed by the Holy Spirit for engaging the enemy in spiritual warfare Spiritual Warfare Prayers--Scripture-based prayers on topics you can use when facing your spiritual battles Sharpening Your Sword Interactive Study Elements--Interactive studies for deeper reflection on what the Word of God says about spiritual warfare Preparing for Spiritual Warfare Articles--Deeper teaching on spiritual warfare and an article for each book of the Bible that covers a specific element of spiritual warfare in that book

Village Green

Village Green Author Robert A. Hill
ISBN-10 9781610972284
Release 2011-06-08
Pages 186
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The three cycles of sermons included here provide a spiritual geography, an announcement of the gospel set in New York State. The sermons were given life in the vibrant life of Asbury First United Methodist Church, Rochester, New York, over several years beginning in 2000. The collection is meant to exemplify a thematic form of preaching that addresses and creates a collective consciousness in the life a community. One series is set on "A Village Green." Another invites those along the Finger Lakes to travel "Once More to the Lake." The third traverses the major cities of the state, and their capacity to become "An Empire of the Spirit." The sermons here try to unfold an interpretation of Scripture by engaging local settings to produce a geography of the Spirit.

Minor Prophets Hosea through Malachi

Minor Prophets  Hosea through Malachi Author Andrew Hill
ISBN-10 9781414398945
Release 2016-12-09
Pages 672
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These accessible commentaries are for anyone who wants to enter a serious study of God's Word. Each volume guides the reader through the literacy and theological issues in the text and provides correlation to multiple numbering systems for word study. This volume includes the entire NLT text of Hosea—Malachi, translation notes, and fresh expository commentary.

Fire Bible KJV

Fire Bible KJV Author Donald Stamps
ISBN-10 9781598569469
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 2300
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It started out as the Full Life Study Bible; then it became the Life in the Spirit Study Bible. Now we know it as the new and improved Fire Bible--a reference library in one volume. Originally conceived as a tool to help Pentecostal pastors and lay leaders preach, teach, and reach others with the Gospel, this study Bible is now available in the King James Version. It includes extensive notes, background articles on key issues, and authoritative commentary, along with dozens of other unique features. Created by Life Publishers International. "Special Features" - Themefinders(TM) point readers to 12 major themes of the Pentecostal tradition - More than 70 articles explain historical and theological aspects of major topics - Study notes for key verses - Book introductionsv - Subject index; cross-references; concordance - In-text maps and charts - One-year reading plan; and a color maps section - Ribbon markers (except on hardcovers)

Romance Fiction and American Culture

Romance Fiction and American Culture Author William A. Gleason
ISBN-10 9781134806287
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 456
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Since the 1970s, romance novels have surpassed all other genres in terms of popularity in the United States, accounting for half of all mass market paperbacks sold and driving the digital publishing revolution. Romance Fiction and American Culture brings together scholars from the humanities, social sciences, and publishing to explore American romance fiction from the late eighteenth to the early twenty-first century. Essays on interracial, inspirational, and LGBTQ romance attend to the diversity of the genre, while new areas of inquiry are suggested in contextual and interdisciplinary examinations of romance authorship, readership, and publishing history, of pleasure and respectability in African American romance fiction, and of the dynamic tension between the genre and second wave feminism. As it situates romance fiction among other instances of American love culture, from Civil War diaries to Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, Romance Fiction and American Culture confirms the complexity and enduring importance of this most contested of genres.

The NKJV Woman s Study Bible Full Color Ebook

The NKJV  Woman s Study Bible  Full Color  Ebook Author
ISBN-10 9780718086848
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 2112
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The Woman’s Study Bible poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive God’s truth for balance, hope, and transformation. Special features designed to speak to a woman’s heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman’s identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom. Now with a beautiful full-color redesign, The Woman’s Study Bible reflects the contributions of over 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Since the publication of the first edition of The Woman’s Study Bible under the editorial guidance of Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this landmark study Bible has sold over 1.5 million copies. Features Include: Beautiful full-color design throughout Detailed biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women Thousands of extensive verse-by-verse study notes Over 300 in-text topical articles on relevant issues Insightful essays by women who are recognized experts in the fields of theology, biblical studies, archaeology, and philosophy Book introductions and outlines Hundreds of full-color in-text maps, charts, timelines, and family trees Quotes from godly women throughout history Set of full-page maps of the biblical world Topical index Concordance

Covenant Love

Covenant Love Author Melva Hammon Edwards
ISBN-10 9781452050782
Release 2010-08-20
Pages 300
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Do you ever think of God as a prize fighter? How about as a ‘bouncer?’ Or maybe a challenging warrior? Well, He is all of that and much more as His story unfolds in this chronological adventure through the Old Testament. You will watch the wrestling match between Him and Jacob. You will see Lot dragged out of Sodom and Joshua facing Him dressed in battle array. God is trying in every way to relate to those who choose to follow Him. How does He relate to you?

Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce and Remarriage Author David L. Smith
ISBN-10 9781556354298
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 118
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This volume examines the various theological aspects of divorce and remarriage--historical, contemporary, exegetical, and practical--recognizing that all are subject to the teaching of Scripture. This is done in such a way that readers may follow the author's thinking and so form their own practical theology of this difficult ethical issue.

The Woman s Study Bible NIV

The Woman s Study Bible  NIV Author Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN-10 9781401676537
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 1920
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The Woman s Study Bible has special notes and features appealing to women's interests, highlighting women throughout Scripture, and capturing the unique ways Christ cared for women, this Bible truly speaks to a woman's heart."