Defeating ISIS

Defeating ISIS Author Malcolm Nance
ISBN-10 9781510711846
Release 2016-03-08
Pages 544
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Defeating ISIS has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Defeating ISIS also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Defeating ISIS book for free.

Black Flag Down

Black Flag Down Author Liam Byrne
ISBN-10 9781785901942
Release 2016-11-08
Pages 300
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The West is facing a terror threat unprecedented since the Cold War: a revolution in the accessibility of violence as ISIS, al Qaeda and their allies set out to build a 21st-century theocracy of seventh-century values, stretching from Portugal to Pakistan. We need to dramatically step up the fightback - yet we're at risk of plunging into our enemies' trap of divide and rule. At home, we risk becoming a suspicious society, scarred by Islamophobia, where British Muslims fear being seen as the enemy within. Online, we're fighting extremist recruiters on the digital battlefront with one hand tied behind our back. And in the Middle East, we lack the strategy or grand coalition needed to isolate and undermine our enemy in the battle of ideas. From Iraq to the streets of inner-city Birmingham, Liam Byrne MP brings together two years of fresh research with young British Muslims, frank interviews with intelligence and police officers, and frontline reports from the Middle East to answer the critical question: how do we defeat the new empire of intolerance? In this timely examination of the rise of ISIS, Byrne offers bold new answers for handling one of the biggest challenges of our time: bringing down the black flag of extremism.

Defeating Jihad

Defeating Jihad Author Sebastian Gorka
ISBN-10 9781621575276
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 256
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Now a New York Times bestseller! America is at war. The fight against global jihad has cost 7,000 American lives and almost $2 trillion, and yet, most Americans do not understand what is at stake. The public lacks knowledge and safety because two presidents and their administrations neglected the most basic strategic question: who is the enemy? Presidents Bush and Obama both named the global jihadi movement—a movement with an intent to destroy the West—“violent extremism.” Their tidy term was an attempt to maintain peace with the Muslim community. But when they failed to appropriately name the enemy, they failed to fully understand Islamic extremism. This failure is why the U.S. has been in Afghanistan for sixteen years with no end in sight. But this war is eminently winnable if we remove our ideological blinders, accurately name our enemy, and draw up a strategy to defeat the ideas that inspire terrorism. So says Dr. Sebastian Gorka, one of the most experienced and sought-after authorities on counterterrorism. Dr. Gorka has been one of the intelligence community’s go-to experts on counterterrorism since 9/11. He’s been called to brief Congress and the Marine Corps and was asked to analyze the Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon Bombing for the US government. Dr. Gorka’s report for the trial of Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev was widely circulated in counterterrorism circles and the media because it accurately painted a picture, not of a teenager on the cover of Rolling Stone, but of a terrorist. Dr. Gorka is respected by peers because he understands our enemy is not "terror" or "violent extremism." Our enemy is the global jihadi movement, a modern totalitarian ideology rooted in the doctrines and martial history of Islam whose goals are to build an empire, suppress “false Muslims,” and engage in guerilla warfare against infidels. Taking his cue from the formerly top-secret analyses that shaped the U.S. response to the communist threat, Dr. Gorka has produced a compelling profile of the jihadi movement—its mind and motivation—and a plan to defeat it.

Hacking ISIS

Hacking ISIS Author Malcolm Nance
ISBN-10 1510718923
Release 2017-04-20
Pages 296
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This book is written by two of the leading terrorist experts in the world - Malcolm Nance, NBC News/MSNBC terrorism analyst and New York Times bestselling author of Defeating ISIS and the forthcoming Hacking ISIS, and Christopher Sampson, cyber-terrorist expert. Malcolm Nance is a 35 year practitioner in Middle East Special Operations and terrorism intelligence activities. Chris Sampson is the terrorism media and cyber warfare expert for the Terror Asymmetric Project and has spent 15 years collecting and exploiting terrorism media. For two years, their Terror Asymmetrics Project has been attacking and exploiting intelligence found on ISIS Dark Web operations. Hacking ISIS will explain and illustrate in graphic detail how ISIS produces religious cultism, recruits vulnerable young people of all religions and nationalities and disseminates their brutal social media to the world. More, the book will map out the cyberspace level tactics on how ISIS spreads its terrifying content, how it distributes tens of thousands of pieces of propaganda daily and is winning the battle in Cyberspace and how to stop it in its tracks. Hacking ISIS is uniquely positioned to give an insider's view into how this group spreads its ideology and brainwashes tens of thousands of followers to join the cult that is the Islamic State and how average computer users can engage in the removal of ISIS from the internet.

ISIS Containment Defeat

ISIS Containment   Defeat Author Arnold Schuchter
ISBN-10 9781491784143
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 362
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In the aftermath of terrorist attacks by ISIS (ISIL or Daesh) in Paris, Beirut and on the Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula, the US and much of the world is focused on crushing the Islamic State. Countless refugees and displaced persons fleeing to Europe, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have thrust the long and bloody civil war in Syria and decades of warfare and insurgencies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya into the 2016 presidential political campaign. ISIS terrorism is fueling political opposition in the US to welcoming Syrian refugees and also focusing more attention on terrorists infiltrating Central America with fake passports and illegally crossing the US border with Mexico. Strategies for uprooting, containing and defeating ISIS have to take into account an incredibly complex historical and geopolitical context in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region that has spawned insurgencies, terrorism, widespread disorder, corruption and the meltdown of governance in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. None of these crises in the Middle East and Africa have had any political, military or counterinsurgency solutions that have worked to contain ISIS and other jihadist terrorism. Further destabilization looms in Syria as the result of Russia’s military intervention to support Assad’s brutal regime and supposedly to fight ISIS. Both Russia and Iran have supported Assad for many years. Iran’s strong financial and other support for Assad is likely to increase when sanctions are lifted as a result of its international nuclear deal. An anti ISIS strategy has to deal with the different agendas of US allies: Turkey’s enemy is the Kurds; the Kurds are determined to protect and expand their territories in Iraq and Syria; Saudi and the Gulf States are most concerned about Iran and its proxies; Iran aims to protect and support Shiites in Syria and Iraq; many insurgents in Syria are militant Islamists; and the Afghan government is struggling with reform and Taliban attacks. Next generation COIN (NexGen COIN) strategies central to ISIS containment and defeat, and protecting the US homeland from terrorist attacks, include: recommendations for regional stabilization and reconciliation processes in the Middle East; and creation of protected safehavens under no-fly zones for two purposes: for displaced people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen that otherwise would become refugees; and to provide safe zones for training and support of local insurgents battling ISIS and other jihadists. NexGen COIN strategies build on: lessons learned from decades of warfare and anti-jihadist counterinsurgencies in the Middle East; years of dedicated work by US military and other experts to revamp US Army COIN doctrine and military rules of operations; US expertise in advanced information technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and communication technology; special operations experience and capabilities that can provide US frontline advisors/cyberwarriors with unprecedented bottomup decision-making and intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities.

The Plot to Hack America

The Plot to Hack America Author Malcolm Nance
ISBN-10 9781510723337
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 216
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In April 2016, computer technicians at the Democratic National Committee discovered that someone had accessed the organization’s computer servers and conducted a theft that is best described as Watergate 2.0. In the weeks that followed, the nation’s top computer security experts discovered that the cyber thieves had helped themselves to everything: sensitive documents, emails, donor information, even voice mails. Soon after, the remainder of the Democratic Party machine, the congressional campaign, the Clinton campaign, and their friends and allies in the media were also hacked. Credit cards numbers, phone numbers, and contacts were stolen. In short order, the FBI found that more than twenty-five state election offices had their voter registration systems probed or attacked by the same hackers. Western intelligence agencies tracked the hack to Russian spy agencies and dubbed them the CYBER BEARS. The media was soon flooded with the stolen information channeled through Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. It was a massive attack on America but the Russian hacks appeared to have a singular goal—elect Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. New York Times bestselling author and career intelligence officer Malcolm Nance’s fast paced real-life spy thriller takes you from Vladimir Putin’s rise through the KGB from junior officer to spymaster-in-chief and spells out the story of how he performed the ultimate political manipulation—convincing Donald Trump to abandon seventy years of American foreign policy including the destruction of NATO, cheering the end of the European Union, allowing Russian domination of Eastern Europe, and destroying the existing global order with America at its lead. The Plot to Hack America is the thrilling true story of how Putin’s spy agency, run by the Russian billionaire class, used the promise of power and influence to cultivate Trump as well as his closest aides, the Kremlin Crew, to become unwitting assets of the Russian government. The goal? To put an end to 240 years of free and fair American democratic elections.


ISIS Author Michael Weiss
ISBN-10 9781682450208
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 448
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Hardcover edition has a map on the endpapers.

Unmasking ISIS

Unmasking ISIS Author Terry Law
ISBN-10 1530745853
Release 2016-03-26
Pages 176
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In Unmasking ISIS, veteran mission statesmen Terry Law and James Gilbert explore pressing issues related to the terrorists who now walk among us, specifically addressing what you need to know to prepare for what lies ahead. * Does ISIS really want to end the world?* How did they grow so strong and so wealthy so quickly?* Does ISIS pervert Islam or is their brand the real thing?* How do they recruit so many new fighters?* What is a caliphate and why does it matter?* Why do Islamists hate America in particular? * Are there historical roots for ISIS' hatred of the West?* How does ISIS differ from al Qaeda and all the other bad players?* Could the Sunni/Shi'a divide lead to all-out war in the Middle East?* Does Iran pose a greater long term threat than ISIS?

Jesus and the Jihadis

Jesus and the Jihadis Author Craig A. Evans
ISBN-10 9780768409000
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 176
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The book that Christians want and need For this urgent hour in history As ISIS dominates news headlines, attention is given to the terrorist group’s ideology… when the truemotive of their mayhem is actually revealed in their theology! Major General Michael K. Nagata of the Special Operations forces in the Middle East explains that “we do not understand the movement… and until we do, we are not going to defeat it.” The key to defeating ISIS’ regime of terror is understanding its theology. This is why two leading Biblical scholars offer this go-to guide to understanding ISIS’ distorted theology. Through fresh historical and Biblical insights, discover how ISIS’ acts of violence, terrorism, and persecution impact your life and your faith today. Get revealing answers to questions such as: How did three faiths come out of one man—Abraham? Why does ISIS utilize social media and technology for terrorist propaganda? Is ISIS Islamic and would Muhammad himself join this group? How do the Gospels and the Qur’an see Jesus differently? How does Biblical history address the development of ISIS? The question millions are asking is Why? Why the hate? Why the persecution? Why the murder? To find the answer, you will trace the origins of ISIS’ radical theology and discover why these acts of terrorism are happening, what they mean, and where they are taking us.

Isis Defeated

Isis Defeated Author R. R. Wright
ISBN-10 1478753269
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 96
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ISIS has spread like an infectious disease throughout the Middle East in just a few years. Bull St Steven the hero of "Tehran Mission" and now head of OMEGA, a global counterterror organization, returns to defeat this threat to world peace. He and his son Curt, now himself a Special Forces office, link arms to provide the intelligence needed for the combined Middle East armed forces to destroy the threat of ISIS. ISIS DEFEATED...Reflects Wright's training as a Special Forces officer and his access to the Canter for Special Operations archives. The author, applying his training as a Special Forces officer, presents a story of covert action, military technology, fieldcraft and suspense that rivets the reader's attention. Beginning in Syria, where the threat of ISIS is greatest, the OMEGA Group operatives provide the needed intelligence that enables the combined armed forces to destroy the ISIS invaders. Their success is followed in Yemen in the Arabian Gulf and in Iraq, which has also become infested by ISIS since US troops left there. Following up on that success, OMEGA, with the aid of the Middle East coalition, goes after the subversive Islamic organizations which finance ISIS. A suspenseful tale of covert operations, deception and peril, ISIS Defeated rivets the reader's attention in this fast-moving novel.

And Then All Hell Broke Loose

And Then All Hell Broke Loose Author Richard Engel
ISBN-10 9781451635133
Release 2016-02-09
Pages 256
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A major New York Times bestseller by NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel—this riveting story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring, war, and terrorism seen close up “should be required reading” (Booklist, starred review). In 1997, young Richard Engel, working freelance for Arab news sources, got a call that a busload of Italian tourists was massacred at a Cairo museum. This is his first view of the carnage these years would pile on. Over two decades he has been under fire, blown out of hotel beds, and taken hostage. He has watched Mubarak and Morsi in Egypt arrested and condemned, reported from Jerusalem, been through the Lebanese war, covered the shooting match in Iraq and the Libyan rebels who toppled Gaddafi, reported from Syria as Al-Qaeda stepped in, and was kidnapped in the Syrian cross currents of fighting. Engel takes the reader into Afghanistan with the Taliban and to Iraq with ISIS. In the page-turning And Then All Hell Broke Loose, he shares his “quick-paced...thrilling adventure story” (Associated Press). Engel takes chances, though not reckless ones, keeps a level head and a sense of humor, as well as a grasp of history in the making. Reporting as NBC’s Chief-Foreign Correspondent, he reveals his unparalleled access to the major figures, the gritty soldiers, and the helpless victims in the Middle East during this watershed time. His vivid story is “a nerve-racking...and informative portrait of a troubled region” (Kansas City Star) that shows the splintering of the nation states previously cobbled together by the victors of World War I. “Engel’s harrowing adventures make for gripping reading” (The New York Times) and his unforgettable view of the suffering and despair of the local populations offers a succinct and authoritative account of our ever-changing world.

Defying ISIS

Defying ISIS Author Johnnie Moore
ISBN-10 9780718039585
Release 2015-03-13
Pages 170
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Has the Christian Holocaust Begun? A Christian genocide at the hands of Islamic extremists is unfolding in the Middle East. Entire Christian populations have been eliminated, and the ultimate aim of ISIS and the Islamic State is to eradicate the world of Christianity. They are well on their way. Thousands of Christians arrive in refugee camps daily as tents can be seen for miles across the countryside of Jordan, N. Iraq and Lebanon.

Defeating the Islamic State

Defeating the Islamic State Author Reed Karaim
ISBN-10 OCLC:950030141
Release 2016
Pages 24
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Since emerging out of the conflicts in the Middle East, the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) has become the leading instigator of global terrorism, including deadly bombings in Brussels and Paris. ISIS proclaims devotion to a radical version of Islam, and it has imposed a brutal dictatorship in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq. It also has initiated or inspired terrorist attacks in places as far-flung as Indonesia and California. The United States and a coalition of nations have committed themselves to defeating ISIS. However, the Islamic State has proven more resilient than many predicted, leading to a contentious debate over strategy. Some political leaders are calling for an increased U.S. military effort, including use of ground troops. Others believe the approach would increase ISIS' popularity and lead to further attacks in the West. Governments also are struggling to counter ISIS' propaganda and recruiting efforts, both of which rely on a sophisticated use of the Internet.

The Field of Fight

The Field of Fight Author Lieutenant General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn
ISBN-10 9781250106230
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 256
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The Instant New York Times Bestseller. A war is being waged against us by radical Islamists, and, as current events demonstrate, they are only getting stronger. Al-Qaeda has morphed into a much more dangerous, menacing threat: ISIS. Lt. General Michael T. Flynn is blunt and urgent. This book aims to inform the American people of the grave danger we face in the war on terror?and will continue to face?until our government takes decisive action against the terrorists that want nothing more than to destroy us and our way of life. Flynn spent more than thirty three years in Army intelligence, and as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency worked closely with Generals Stanley McChrystal and David Petraeus, Admiral Mike Mullen, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and other policy, defense, intelligence, and war-fighting leaders. From coordinating on-the-ground operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, to building reliable intelligence networks, to preparing strategic plans for fighting terrorism, Flynn has been a firsthand witness to government screw-ups, smokescreens, and censored information that our leaders don’t want us to know. The Field of Fight succinctly lays out why we have failed to stop terrorist groups from growing, and what we must do to stop them. The core message is that if you understand your enemies, it’s a lot easier to defeat them?but because our government has concealed the actions of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and groups like ISIS and al Qaeda, and the role of Iran in the rise of radical Islam, we don’t fully understand the enormity of the threat they pose against us. A call to action that is sensible, informed, and original, The Field of Fight asserts that we must find a way to not only fight better, but to win.

An End to al Qaeda

An End to al Qaeda Author Malcolm Nance
ISBN-10 9781429957526
Release 2010-02-16
Pages 304
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Osama Bin Laden is unquestionably the leader of the world's most deadly terrorist cult. He has perverted the teachings of Islam to create a fringe religious ideology, Bin Ladenism, where only al-Qaeda speaks for God. In his cult, suicide bombing is the highest form of worship and the mass murder of Muslims proves one's devotion. Al-Qaeda's 9/11 attack on the United States was just a small part of Bin Laden's long-term strategy to win a civil war for control of Islam. By fighting his terrorists solely with bullets and bombs and ignoring his war on Islam, we have bolstered Bin Laden's recruiting efforts abroad, undermined civil liberties and economic security at home and tarnished America's reputation internationally. Career intelligence officer Malcolm Nance proposes a quantum shift in how to eliminate al-Qaeda in less than twenty-four months, while recreating America's reputation as a force for good around the world. His plan includes: · Exposing al-Qaeda's mission to create a nuclear armed terror Emirate, incite a Muslim civil war and eventually seize of control of Islam. · Challenging and breaking the perceived spiritual link between the mainstream Islam and al-Qaeda's cultist ideology. · Attacking al-Qaeda fighters through precision intelligence and special operations missions, thereby reducing the deaths of innocent civilians. · Reframing and restoring America's shattered image in the developing world in order to support the global counterterrorism and counterinsurgency campaign. An End to al-Qaeda is both a revolutionary blueprint for destroying al-Qaeda and a fierce critique of America's poorly executed war on Bin Laden's terrorists.

ISIS Exposed

ISIS Exposed Author Erick Stakelbeck
ISBN-10 9781621573890
Release 2015-03-09
Pages 288
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The terror masters of ISIS are determined to get America's attention. They’ve humiliated the Iraqi Army we trained and seized territory in Iraq that we had secured at the cost of so many American lives. They’ve beheaded American journalists on camera in a direct challenge to the power and resolve of the United States. And now ISIS is calling for “city wolves” across the United States to act on their dedication to the Islamic State’s blood-drenched ideology and murder innocent American citizens at random. Who is ISIS? Where did it come from, and what is driving its successful campaign of murder and conquest? Our government and our media alike seemed to be blindsided by the Islamic State’s blitzkrieg-like advance, which forced American troops back into Iraq. ISIS has conquered a territory roughly the size of the state of Indiana, rules over eight million terrorized souls, and has even revived the practice of legal slavery. And yet the true motivations, inner workings, and future plans of this terror state and its mysterious caliph seem almost as obscure as when ISIS first burst onto the world scene. In ISIS Exposed, veteran investigative reporter Erick Stakelbeck gets inside the story of the new caliphate and reveals just how clear and present a threat it is.

Rise of ISIS

Rise of ISIS Author Jay Sekulow
ISBN-10 9781501105135
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 144
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Argues that the extremist Sunni jihadist group ISIS presents a great danger to the United States and the world, looking at the origin of the group, its objectives, and its unlawful terrorist strategies.