Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts Author Sharon Sala
ISBN-10 9781459292444
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 400
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Some lies never stay buried… Betsy Jakes was having nightmares, nightmares that could solve a decades-old mystery. And for someone in her small town, that meant she had to die. When Sam Jakes returns home to help his brother solve their mother's murder, two things shake him to the core. This crime is clearly the work of a serial killer who has struck twice before. And…Lainey Pickett is still in town. The woman he walked away from without an explanation years ago has just walked back into his life. She still holds a grudge—and his heart. As Sam digs deeper into the murders and thirty-year-old secrets begin to emerge, he finds himself racing against time not only to catch a killer but to keep Lainey, the only woman he'll ever love, from falling victim, too.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts Author Loren E. Pedersen
ISBN-10 9780595227075
Release 2002
Pages 268
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A fresh and intriguing perspective on men's behavior, attitudes, and psychological difficulties by tracing the development of masculinity within the context of concept of the anima, C. G. Jung's term for a man's inner nature. Drawing on evolution, anthropology, and mythology, Dr. Pedersen shows how this mysterious "other" part of man's nature influences his psychological and spiritual growth.

City of Dark Hearts

City of Dark Hearts Author James Conan
ISBN-10 9780099502173
Release 2008
Pages 576
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A dark and exciting historical novel that is both an adventure story and a powerful rendering of 1890s Chicago. When young, inexperienced but very ambitious female reporter, Emily Strauss, blags her way into newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer’s office, she comes away with a treacherous assignment: to discover what happened to Anna Zemeckis, one of many women who have disappeared during the 1893 World’s Fair. Chicago is a place of dangerous contrasts. Among all the glitz and rassmatazz of the Fair itself and the spectacular wealth and influence of a new middle class elite, Emily comes face to face with a sinister underworld.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts Author Micalea Smeltzer
ISBN-10 1542659302
Release 2017-01-19
Pages 462
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I've learned that not everything is what it seems. If you start to look too close, you uncover things people don't want you to see. It's why I hide. It's why no one knows the real me. But he sees me. He sees the darkness in my heart but he's not afraid, because he's like me. They say opposites attract, but we're proof that like-and-like are a far more potent combination.Novalee Clarke is hiding from a past she wants to leave behind, and Jacen Kensington is running from his. The thing about hiding and running is eventually the thing you're trying to escape catches up to you.And when it does?It changes everything.

Dark Heart

Dark Heart Author Kevin Flynn
ISBN-10 9780698195172
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 400
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From the authors of the “true crime classic”* Notes on a Killing comes the harrowing story of the games that couples play—and what happens when role-playing becomes a deadly reality. Was murder part of the game? Seventeen-year-old Kat McDonough grew up with theater in her blood—and a penchant for make-believe. More than a decade older, Seth Mazzaglia was well known in the community theater circle of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He, too, had a rich inner life—and he soon had Kat convinced that they were soul mates. To intensify their bond, Seth lured Kat into a world of violent sex and role-playing, where she was his slave. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy his ravenous appetites. Enter Lizzi Marriott, the new girl in town. And when she accepts an invitation to Kat and Seth’s apartment, she will never be seen again... INCLUDES PHOTOS *Robert Scott, author of The Girl in the Leaves From the Paperback edition.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts Author Daniel Parker
ISBN-10 0061063177
Release 1996-01-25
Pages 208
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Desperate to protect her boyfriend, Jean-Paul, from his evil twin brother, Alison James joins the brother's mysterious Red Sect and learns about his dark magic, which threatens to overcome her unless Jean-Paul can save her. Original.

Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts Author Surreal
ISBN-10 9781524639334
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 126
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Dark Hearts is the collection of poetry written by Surreal and coauthor D’Vine Pen. Inspiration for Dark Hearts comes from the commitment to past relationships, which ended with the loss of love and ended in pain. Each poem is the embodiment of those relationships and the hardships of each one. The written words of Dark Hearts literally bleed the feelings and emotions experienced over the years. This book was written to remove the shadows and shed light on feelings locked away inside. Conversing through ink and paper, Dark Hearts will surely identify with each reader and captivate fans.

What Do You Fear Book 3 Dark Hearts

What Do You Fear  Book 3  Dark Hearts Author E L Jefferson
ISBN-10 9781483413389
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 416
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When you read this compilation of stories by E. L. Jefferson you will take a journey that leads down a path to which there is no turning back. They will hold you captive and force you to witness the dark side of the human psyche. You will come face to face with your own dark, and voyeuristic desires; unashamedly you will savor the experience. When you have finished this odyssey you will question not only man's nature, but your own as well... A Fathers Sorrow A man is devastated by a recent loss, what he does in response is unthinkable. Three Blind Mice Robbers discover too late that they've broken into the wrong home. Dr. Feelgood A physician with a unique way of solving his patient's problems. Illusion of Truth A couple lived the perfect fantasy, until reality shattered their world. The Link By chance, four beautiful young women shared an experience that bonded them for life. Then one day, the bond was broken.

Dark Heart

Dark Heart Author Nick Davies
ISBN-10 9780099583011
Release 1998
Pages 304
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'This all began quite unexpectedly one rainy autumn evening a couple of years ago in a fairground near to the centre of Nottingham...' In amongst the bright lights and bumper cars, Nick Davies noticed two boys, no more than twelve years old, oddly detached from the fun of the scene. Davies discovered they were part of a network of children selling themselves on the streets of the city, running a nightly gauntlet of dangers: pimps, punters, the Vice Squad, disease, drugs. This propelled Davies into a journey of discovery through the slums and ghettoes of our cities. He found himself in crack houses and brothels, he befriended street gangs and drug dealers. Davies' journey into the hidden realm is powerful, disturbing and impressive, and is bound to rouse controversy and demands for change. He unravels threads of Britain`s social fabric as he travels deeper and deeper into the country of poverty, towards the dark heart of British society.

Cold Hands Dark Hearts

Cold Hands  Dark Hearts Author David Okum
ISBN-10 1894525531
Release 2003
Pages 126
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In this gothic horror setting for the Big Eyes, Small Mouth role-playing game, players take the roles of the supernatural monsters rather than the victims. Bakemono shapeshifters, magical oni, immortal mummies, and powerful sorcerors search the world for the lost seven seals. Only after they are recovered can the seven daemon lords be returned to their prison.

Pure River Dark Hearts

Pure River    Dark Hearts Author Stephen Sprinkel
ISBN-10 9781477160053
Release 2009-01-29
Pages 126
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Pure River Dark Hearts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pure River Dark Hearts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pure River Dark Hearts book for free.

A Heart s Destiny

A  Heart s Destiny Author Amanda Villafane
ISBN-10 1508878951
Release 2015-03-08
Pages 370
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When we are faced with a guarantee, the one thing in life that is a true rarity, how many of us would really take it when the temptation of the unknown pulls at our heart to see, to satisfy more than just curiosity but the lust and addiction of what we believe at that moment to be what we really want? Imagine standing at a fork in the road, on one side you are faced with safety and security, the other contains the unknown, and yet, it demands your attention, peaks your interest, and ultimately tempts your curiosity....which road would you choose? More importantly, when you reached the end, if you had a chance to go back to the decision you made, knowing now where the outcome would take you, would you take the detour or chose the straight path to get you to your final destination? I think it's safe to say the general response would be "It depends a great deal on the final destination." But whether good or bad, I ask you to consider this, are the choices we face really ever more than two options that will eventually lead us exactly where we are meant to be, and who we are meant to be with; the only true factors are the length of time it takes for us to arrive and the person we become along the way. "Dark Hearts Arise," the first of the "A. Heart's Destiny" series, challenges you to question whether we control where our path goes, or is it all been predestined? Through a series of events, you will be transported into the once perfect world of Avery Heart, to the dark and dangerous place it has become. Every choice she must make (to be the Heroine or the Villain, to be with the man she once loved, or the man she has fallen in love with, to keep Pandora's box open, or shut it close without looking back) leading her either closer or further away from the life she was meant to live. It is up to you, the reader, to decide if where she winds up is the path she was meant to be on all along. Set in the present time of New York City, a young college couple are strolling the streets of Brooklyn and find themselves in an extremely unfortunate situation. The tragedy of that night spirals the female main character, Avery Heart, into a world full of unexpected hatred and vengeance which ultimately transforms her into a completely different person. She is dark and dangerous, and ready to see the world burn. She will not stop until she finds peace and make all those guilty suffer. Upon meeting a mysterious individual, Avery is given the opportunity of using her newly acquired and deadly skills to continue her wrath in a more organized and premeditated way, paid to kill. It is with this dark, mysterious and confident charmer that Avery is faced with the realization that she may not be the person she thought she was, and must decide the path she wants to take. In the arms of her mysterious charmer she is one person but the memory of her first love and the person she once was still lingers heavily over her head, promising her that all can be forgiven if she just come back to the life she once lived. She has the opportunity of a second chance that not many are fortunate to have. Avery knows the person she's become, the horrible unspeakable things she's done but could she really go back to a life where the sky was blue and the birds sang or would she just be lying to herself because she was destined to live on the darker side of life amongst the shadows. Now that she's opened Pandora's box, the unknown begs to remain open with the promise of an alluring adventure up ahead, but one where her life may come to an untimely end. It's an intense mix of who she wants to be, a Heroine or a Villain and ultimately who she was meant to be with, her first love and second chance at normality or the man she's fallen in love with and the dangers of the world he's given her.

White Hats Dark Hearts

White Hats       Dark Hearts Author Donach DeRoiste
ISBN-10 9781628576993
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 556
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Things are not always as they seem… In the novel White Hats…Dark Hearts, Kurt is a God-fearing South Dakota farmer. The young man is shocked out of his complacency by an encounter with a UFO in his wheat field. Visiting with his friend and neighbour, Roy, Kurt meets Kerry, a beautiful New York massage therapist on the rebound from a womanizing stockbroker. There is instant chemistry. Kerry goes with Kurt to retrieve a strange device he picked up but left behind in his horse's saddlebag after the UFO encounter. When they stop for gas, Kerry realizes that the car with Florida plates in the adjoining body shop belongs to her Uncle Jim. They find him in a bar across the street, just as he faces off with three young men in a dispute over Bush/Cheney foreign policy. There follows a lengthy, animated, often humorous, and sometimes strained discussion about terrorism, imperialism, and the role of religion in "perpetual war." Jim and his niece are persuaded to spend the night at Kurt's house after Kurt gives an elderly relative, Standing Wolf, a ride home. On the way, they are waylaid by the trio from the bar. They learn that Standing Wolf's granddaughter was recently sexually assaulted by one of the trio. Leaving Standing Wolf's home, they are startled by a brilliant light that illuminates the nearby hill. Yet another mystery awaits at Kurt's house: The device is gone, along with Kurt's horse.

Two Dark Hearts

Two Dark Hearts Author
ISBN-10 9780955051715
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Two Dark Hearts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Two Dark Hearts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Two Dark Hearts book for free.

Dark Hearts Darker Deeds

Dark Hearts  Darker Deeds Author Aaron Douglas
ISBN-10 1522857095
Release 2016-05-15
Pages 262
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What is evil? Is it absolute, or arbitrary? Does a villain consider themselves to be 'evil'? And do they always lose, or does evil sometimes triumph? Is there even some 'good' hiding behind a villain's mask, or wickedness disguised as 'good'? In "Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds" the imaginative writers of Talaria Press take us into blackest corners of the human soul, and tell tales of psychopaths, murderers, and worse. In The Case of the Evaporating Blood, a series of mysterious murders in Victorian London sends the newly formed Scotland Yard to a mysterious young doctor to request assistance. But Ren Cummins reveals that neither the perpetrator, nor the doctor are quite what they seem. Morely ushers us into a facility built to house bad men and Aaron Douglas introduces us to Morely, the worst of the worst. Will true justice ever find him behind bars? Garth Reasby's In the House of the Green Moon illustrates the allure of strength and power in its darker aspect through the eyes of a princess and her two samurai companions. Martin Schiller's Lifer, a convicted serial killer participates in secret government experiment testing the limits of a new technology, and justice. Heather Reasby brings us The Fangs of the Serpent where a young priest of an evil god engages in a deadly ritual to gain greater power for himself. These tales and more await within...

Operation Dark Heart

Operation Dark Heart Author Anthony Shaffer
ISBN-10 9781845968175
Release 2011-06-02
Pages 320
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Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer was part of a secret detachment of the US Army known as the 'Jedi Knights'. In Operation Dark Heart, he reveals for the first time, and in amazing detail, the otherwise secret world of black operations and clandestine intelligence plots conducted by the Western allies in an alien terrain against often undefinable enemies. This book is a gripping and compulsive insight into the espionage world and into a complex labyrinth of agencies that do not like to share secrets. It is also the true and moving story of a twenty-first-century warrior. Please note that sensitive information in this book has been redacted in accordance with the requests of US intelligence agencies.

Dark Heart Forever

Dark Heart Forever Author Lee Monroe
ISBN-10 9781444904895
Release 2011-06-02
Pages 384
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Jane Jonas is nearing her 16th birthday and troubled by unsettling recurring dreams where the same mysterious boy her age comes to her, telling Jane that they are each other's destiny. Her mother is increasingly anxious about Jane's disruptive sleepwalking episodes, but for Jane her dream world and reality are about to collide ... When she develops a friendship with an enigmatic stranger in town, the blond, uber-cool Evan, it's exciting, it's new, and Jane wants him more than she's ever wanted anybody - until her mystery dream boy gets in the way. Now Jane is caught between two worlds: one familiar, but tinged with romance and excitement; the other dark and dangerous, where angels, werewolves, and an irresistible stranger are trying to seduce her ...