Cuffs Coffee

Cuffs   Coffee Author Allison P. Uribe
ISBN-10 1542371953
Release 2017-01-04
Pages 226
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Cuffs and Coffee is a 40 day devotional and journey for wives of law enforcement. Allison relays insight and wisdom that only a wife on duty can share! With a cup of coffee in hand along with this devotional, the reader is sure to be refreshed and challenged in the wife on duty life!

Because I m Suitable

Because I m Suitable Author Allison P. Uribe
ISBN-10 9781449740832
Release 2012-02
Pages 140
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In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, he saw it all to be good except for one thing: man was alone. It was then that God created a suitable helper, a wife. Man would no longer be alone but the two would become one flesh. Being a wife is a journey of its own and being the wife of a law enforcement officer is a unique journey. As a wife on duty, whether it be through law enforcement, fire, or military, we share the protection of our spouse with our cities, counties, and country. Take a journey with a wife whose marriage had an uncertain future and see how God transformed her life once she surrendered it all. It was realizing that her role as a wife was prewritten and ordained by her maker which made her put her faith into action. With marriages falling apart every day in the law enforcement community, there is no better time than now to fight for our marriages with God by our side. Who better to seek council and guidance from than the one who created marriage in the first place?

Coffee with Calvin

Coffee with Calvin Author Donald K. McKim
ISBN-10 9780664236816
Release 2013
Pages 95
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These eighty-four practical devotions offer an accessible look into the enduring theology of John Calvin. Each day's devotion presents a short excerpt from Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, followed by a topical reflection by Donald K. McKim. The book is organized into eight sections and arranged for either daily or weekly devotional study. The sections are organized thematically, allowing readers the flexibility to delve into the topics they are most interested in. Readers will come away seeing Calvin as an eminently practical theologian with timeless insights into the Christian life.

Night Witch

Night Witch Author Jack Priest
ISBN-10 0974524662
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 309
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Alone in bed Carolina plays with her locket, a gift from her dad. She doesnt know he stole it from an evil woman in Trinidad. She hears a noise outside her window, looks up and sees red eyes staring in at her.Something horrible is outside.The Night Witch is a soucouyant, Southern Caribbean cousin to the vampire and werewolf. She is a never aging shape shifter born of a mixture of Voodoo and European folklore. She lives forever because she wears a locket that contains a magic potion.Her locket has been stolen and she wants it back.

Bullets in the Washing Machine

Bullets in the Washing Machine Author Melissa Littles
ISBN-10 9780615541044
Release 2011-09
Pages 174
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"Supporting life behind the thin blue line."

The Life and Times of Eccentric Yorkshiremen

The Life and Times of Eccentric Yorkshiremen Author John A Leaver
ISBN-10 9781908098863
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 337
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They reckon you have to be a famous celebrity, climbed Mount Everest or lived through a war to write an autobiography. Well I haven't done any of those but I have written a musical, and had it performed on stage, appeared on TV and in national newspapers for various little escapades, and tried to live life to the full. People who know me call me eccentric or a touch bizarre and I have been described as "off the wall" (not sure of the origin of that or even if it fits). I have been called worse behind my back no doubt, but for better or worse the contents of this book are a bit of a record of what I've been getting up to in the past sixty odd years or so. You've picked this book off the shelf and read this bit so do give the inside a try. It's good for a laugh if nothing else. Although do remember. PLEASE DON'T TRY MOST OF THIS AT HOME

Down River

Down River Author John Hart
ISBN-10 1429920238
Release 2007-10-02
Pages 336
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Down River is the winner of the 2008 Edgar Award for Best Novel. Everything that shaped him happened near that river.... Now its banks are filled with lies and greed, shame, and murder.... John Hart's debut, The King of Lies, was compelling and lyrical, with Janet Maslin of The New York Times declaring, "There hasn't been a thriller as showily literate since Scott Turow came along." Now, in Down River, Hart makes a scorching return to Rowan County, where he drives his characters to the edge, explores the dark side of human nature, and questions the fundamental power of forgiveness. Adam hase has a violent streak, and not without reason. As a boy, he saw things that no child should see, suffered wounds that cut to the core and scarred thin. The trauma left him passionate and misunderstood---a fighter. After being narrowly acquitted of a murder charge, Adam is hounded out of the only home he's ever known, exiled for a sin he did not commit. For five long years he disappears, fades into the faceless gray of New York City. Now he's back and nobody knows why, not his family or the cops, not the enemies he left behind. But Adam has his reasons. Within hours of his return, he is beaten and accosted, confronted by his family and the women he still holds dear. No one knows what to make of Adam's return, but when bodies start turning up, the small town rises against him and Adam again finds himself embroiled in the fight of his life, not just to prove his own innocence, but to reclaim the only life he's ever wanted. Bestselling author John Hart holds nothing back as he strips his characters bare. Secrets explode, emotions tear, and more than one person crosses the brink into deadly behavior as he examines the lengths to which people will go for money, family, and revenge. A powerful, heart-pounding thriller, Down River will haunt your thoughts long after the last page is turned. Praise for John Hart and The King of Lies "Treat yourself to something new and truly out of the ordinary." ---Rocky Mountain News "A top-notch debut. Hart's prose is like Raymond Chandler's, angular and hard." --Entertainment Weekly (grade A) "A gripping performance." ---People magazine "A marriage of carefully crafted prose alongside have-to-keep-reading suspense." ---The Denver Post "A masterful piece of writing." ---The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) "A gripping mystery/thriller and a fully fleshed, thoughtful work of literature." ---Winston-Salem Journal "The King of Lies moves and reads like a book on fire." ---Pat Conroy "John Hart's debut . . . is that most engrossing of rarities, a well-plotted mystery novel that is written in a beautifully poetic style." ---Mark Childress, author of Crazy in Alabama "Grisham-style intrigue and Turow-style brooding." ---The New York Times Now with an excerpt from John Hart's next book The Hush, available in February 2018.

The Westies

The Westies Author T.J. English
ISBN-10 9781448169658
Release 2016-01-14
Pages 544
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Even among the Mob, the Westies were feared. Out of a partnership between two sadistic thugs - James Coonan and Mickey Featherstone - the gang dominated the decaying slice of New York City's West Side known as Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s and '80s. Excelling in extortion, numbers running, loansharking and drug-peddling, they became the most notorious gang in the history of organized crime. The then prosecutor Rudolf Giuliani called them 'the most savage organisation in the long history of New York street gangs'. Upping the ante on brutality and depravity, their speciality when it came to punishment and killings was dismemberment. Their reign lasted almost twenty - their end would come as their own violent natures got the best of them and precipitated a downfall as infamous as their rise. This revised and updated edition, brings the story of the Westies up to date with 'where are they now' snapshots of the men - and women - of the Westies.

Central Park Knight

Central Park Knight Author C. J. Henderson
ISBN-10 1429989254
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 352
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Professor Piers Knight is the Brooklyn Museum's very own Indiana Jones. His specialties include lost civilizations, arcane cultures, and more than a little bit of the history of magic and mysticism. What his contemporaries don't know is that in addition to being a scholar of all these topics, he is also proficient in the uses of magical artifacts. Knight receives a chilling message from Tian Lu, a former lover and an agent for the Chinese government. Years ago, they made a frightening discovery at an archeological dig when out of the depths rose... a living, fire-breathing dragon. Now, the dragons are waking from their slumber before their scheduled time. And one particularly diabolical dragon is set on eliminating the others and taking over the world. As civilization plunges into panic, Knight, Lu, Knight's seventeen-year-old techie intern George Rainert, and an untrustworthy dragon ally must use all their resources-- magical and otherwise--to stop the destruction before it's too late. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Coffeehouse Investor

The Coffeehouse Investor Author Bill Schultheis
ISBN-10 9781101050385
Release 2009-04-16
Pages 224
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In 1998, after thirteen years of providing investment advice for Smith Barney, Bill Schultheis wrote a simple book for people who felt overwhelmed by the stock market. He had discovered that when you simplify your investment decisions, you end up getting better returns. As a bonus, you gain more time for family, friends, and other pursuits. The Coffeehouse Investor explains why we should stop thinking about top-rated stocks and mutual funds, shifts in interest rates, and predictions for the economy. Stop trying to beat the stock market average, which few “experts” ever do. Instead, just remember three simple principles: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And save for a rainy day. By focusing more on your passions and creativity and less on the daily ups and downs, you will actually build more wealth—and improve the quality of your life at the same time.


Donuts Author John T. Edge
ISBN-10 9781440628641
Release 2006-05-18
Pages 192
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Acclaimed food writer and cultural historian John T. Edge conjures nostalgia by revealing portions of our history through our most cherished foods. Donuts is the cap on a scrumptious series toting comfort food, belying calorie-counting, and embracing those cornerstone, iconic dishes that have come to define American cuisine and customs over the years. In Donuts, Edge walks us though the donut's inception as Dutch fare, the Salvation Army's wartime donuts, the invention of the donut machine, the 1950s donut-shop craze, the Krispy Kreme revolution, the appropriation by other ethnicities, and the fanatical chefs that take donuts to a new art form. Nothing encourages our sweet-tooth cravings like the donut. It is honest. It is satisfying. It is a national symbol that has survived the low carb-diet dogma and the death of the local donut shop, and it is making a comeback into the hearts of Americans.

The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1

The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars  1 Author Philip Haythornthwaite
ISBN-10 9781780969800
Release 2012-06-20
Pages 48
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In 1795 the Russian army was as vast as the territory from which it was drawn. The College of War calculated that the regular army amounted to 541,741 men, plus 46,601 enrolled cossacks, and at least a further 100,000 irregular cavalry which could be mobilised in time of war. Inspired by the icons paraded by their priests before battle, the Russian infantry were capable of astonishing feats and total, blind obedience to orders. Philip Haythornwaite examines the organisation and uniforms of the remarkable Russian infantry troops who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.

Gun Badge Cuffs

Gun  Badge   Cuffs Author Dr. Richard S. Rhodes
ISBN-10 9781449097738
Release 2011-04-08
Pages 160
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The experience of a young Black police recruit while in the academy was assigned to undercover vice assignments on weekends. He is taken back by its challenges, exciting and adventurous to say the least. Graduating from the academy he is permanently assigned to the Vice Squad. He describes in vivid detail his experiences in various assignments during his thirty year career from vice to uniform patrol, detective and patrol supervisor. His incidents include two face-to-face gun fights, car crashes, being drugged, and pulled from a three story building, confrontation with a boa constrictor, the riots and many others. His body guarding and managing experiences with the late Redd Foxx, his experiences in show business, etc. The book is exciting, real and most of all, TRUE. Described by one critic as a "Real Page Turner!"

Uniforms of Russian army during the Napoleonic war Vol 9

Uniforms of Russian army during the Napoleonic war Vol  9 Author Aleksandr Vasilevich Viskovatov
ISBN-10 9788893271158
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 210
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Compiled at Saint Petersburg during the year from 1837 and 1851, the Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army has had an enormous impact and great importance for the study on the history of Russian costume and uniformology development over the past centuries . There is various ancient editions of the work, Mark Conrad’s translation is the first and the better to remain true to the original structure and essential style of the text. Conrad’s comprehensive translation is an indispensable resource for today's historian, strategists, and scholars. The Viskovatov’s enormous work is based on a great quantity of archival documents and contains four thousand colored and b/w illustrations. It is composed by 30 or 34 volumes (1st edition 1-30, St. Petersburg, 1841-62, and 2nd edition Vols. 1-34, St. Petersburg - Novosibirsk - Leningrad, 1899-1948). The topics discussed start from the early czars until the late nineteenth century. Soldiershop edition add at this important work several new enriched and colorful plates, which together with the unedited publication in English make this collection extremely interesting !

Cathedrals Coffee and Tea Tour

Cathedrals  Coffee and Tea Tour Author Simon Duffin
ISBN-10 9781783061518
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 308
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A Cathedrals, Coffee & Tea Tour takes you on a whistle-stop tour of 110 of the UK’s cathedrals and suggests the best place to go for a tea, coffee and cake afterwards.Focusing on the stories our cathedrals tell rather than the architecture or the theology, Simon Duffin explores the Native American Chief buried in Southwark Cathedral graveyard; the Alice in Wonderland stories inspired by Lewis Carroll’s time as a choirboy; or the Portuguese Princess who landed in Portsmouth and demanded tea rather than beer before her wedding.In seeking out places for a refreshing cuppa after a tour of the cathedral, this guidebook lists top-quality, independent coffee shops and tea rooms within walking distance of the featured cathedrals. Some of these are contemporary, others artisan and some sell themselves on their historic location. For each venue suggested, there’s a description to tempt you in. Some are about the coffee beans they use, the type of tea they serve or it can focus on the owners or buildings, like the twin sisters in Blackburn who remember seeing The Beatles in 1963 or the 900-year-old house on Lincoln’s Steep Hill.This is the perfect guidebook to have with you on a day trip to one of the 89 UK towns and cities featured. You’ll get a sense of the cathedral’s place in history and the coffee shop or tea room’s place in the town centres of today.

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents Author United States. Patent Office
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105019621338
Release 1921
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Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents book for free.

Blood On The Corn

Blood On The Corn Author S.A. Barton
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Blood on the Corn follows two policemen who aren't quite policemen as they investigate a murder that isn't quite a murder. Their real mission might be familiar to humans, but it's not for their eyes at all. Blood on the Corn is a short story, about 3200 words. Science Fiction, Sci Fi, short story, SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Supernatural, Mythology, Gods, supernatural beings, magic, magick, police, police pursuit, detective, blood magic, tracking, fugitive, magical artifact, corn, corn god